Member of InterNACHI

Certified inspector with the Professional Home 

Inspection Institute


25 years in the real estate industry.


Licensed claims adjustor


FEMA Inspector 


Before starting in the inspection industry in 2011 I grew up the son

of a contractor spending my early life in the construction industry.

The last 6 + years I have been a licensed senior claims adjuster in

the insurance industry of which I am still active. I write estimates

and determine damages as an independent claims adjuster for both

residential property and commercial. I am also a home inspector.


A couple of things I recommend at the start of each inspection.

I bring my insurance industry knowledge to each inspection so ask

me and I will tell you what I know.

1) The home buyer or seller get an inspection on the main sewer

line by a professional not an inspector. I have seen all too many

back ups from collapsed lines, tree roots, breaks in the line and

so on after an inspection. A back up is normally a category 2 or 3,

class 2 or 3 event. This is sewage water.  Once a party moves into

their new home a mistake by the home inspector saying the line is

healthy can be a very costly event and no fun to the home owner.

I believe that it is better to have a professional in the field determine

if there are any issues to the line. There are substantial legal issues

and costs that arise when an inspector tries this approach. 

2) I see many mistakes on the types of damage a home may have that some home inspectors do not diagnose properly. Mostly roof issues and siding. A good many inspectors do not know the difference between hail damage and wear and tear. This is normally for warrantying the roof. There are a lot of issues with insurance and coverage on how to approach such issues. Most inspectors don't know that you can go back to the prior owner for coverage if an event occurred when they occupied the property. Not all roofing contractors are created equal. Some will diagnose the issue correctly and some have other interests in mind. In my line of work I am paid to determine damage accurately.

3) Include an radon test for each new property. Radon levels are known to be high in Colorado to rule out health risks.

4) Include infrared imaging to diagnose possible issues that a moisture meter may not pick up. I use a Fluke ti400 which is more than what the average inspector may use. There are two factors, one resolution and thermal sensitivity. 

Experience, honesty, credibility and a desire for excellence are my 


Mark is a Certified Home Inspector. For more information about NAHI (InterNACHI) and NSHI, please visit them at www.nahi.org and www.nshi.org.




   Better Safe Than Sorry



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Energy Audit 

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Water Quality

Foreclosure Inspection

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We walk roofs


  • Residential

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  • 1 Year Warranty 

  • Radon Testing

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1 Year Warranty

Many new homes may come with issues or may have have issues prop up after you purchase your home. Most builders offer buyers a 1 year warranty on their new home purchase. When you reach the 10 or 11 month we will be happy to perform an inspection you can use if problems are there. We can get you a full inspection by the next business day. This will help with builders to back the warrantee of your new home.

Walk Thru Consultations (No Report)

Same full service inspection, but no report. This works well for investors, purchasing, or renting. You can save yourself by ordering this type of inspection.



Your interest is priority #1 An full inspection simply helps to take the guest work out. Even a brand new built home can have issues.

I understand your needs. Your interests are what matters. I will help you make the decision in meeting your home buying needs. If you feel I didn't perform the job well simply let me know and there will be no charge.

I have 18 years in the real estate industry. Knowledge is important knowing what to look for and what helps you to make this important decision. I will answer your questions and concerns you may have.