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An idea of what is involved in our inspections:


Radon Testing and Infrared imaging is offered as a group

Price along with following.

Insulation and Ventilation
Bathrooms and Kitchens
heating & Air Conditioning
Basement & Crawlspaces
Garage & Carport

Most inspections take 2 to 3 hours. You are more than welcomed to meet us for the last half-hour or be present for the complete inspection. It does not require you to walk the inspection with us.

We point out in the report any areas of concern that may require additional inspection services from a qualified or licensed professional. The report may include contractors, roofing contractors, electricians, plumbers, structural engineers.

Most homes need general repairs. The weather ceiling (caulking) is one area most common. Water drainage
is also a significant factor.

Another recommendation we use is "further monitoring." Meaning you will need to monitor this. It might
become an issue.

I email reports to you the following morning, then mailed out that day. We consider these reports confidential information we provide to you unless otherwise notified. If you wish to share with your realtor or in negotiations, we cannot recommend
in this area.

No home is perfect, only the perfect one for you. Homes will vary in their condition. We will comment on our findings and not embellish the situation what we would do. Simple, straightforward, what the outcomes are, and report it. We we go over the report with you to explain our findings. Your realtor will be the party to go over recommendations. Schedule a home inspection in the Denver area, call 720-939-7924, or email us at markcourageinspections@gmail.com.




      Roof, flashings, and trim
      skylight, vents, and stacks
      gutters, downspouts, roof drainage
      decks, stoops, porches and walkways
      eaves, soffits, fascia and soffit vents
      grading, drainage slope, puddling
      basement, foundation, and crawlspace
      water penetration and foundation movement     
      heating systems, cooling systems, and water heater
      main water shut-off valve
      interior plumbing fixtures and faucets
      drainage sump pumps, floats
      electrical service line
      main disconnect and service amperage
      electrical panel, breakers, fuses, wire
      grounding and bonding in the group
      test GFCIs and AFCIs
      fireplace damper door, hearth, and stack
      insulation, depth, ventilation in attack
      garage doors, safety sensors


We would follow the outside inspection with a thorough inspection of the interior. 

Normally we inspect the exterior first. Structures would be an additional fee.